Repeal Day is December 5th, 1933. This was the day that Prohibition, otherwise known as the great experiment, ended and America was free to consume alcohol once again. We want to make this a day that people recognize and appreciate by hosting the best cocktail party of the year! We take our inspiration from the cocktails that were lost to… the great music that came out of… the iconic clothing worn during… and the mixed bar culture that resulted from… Prohibition.

It is widely believed that Prohibition was the birthplace of the great cocktails we are currently trying to recreate in our bars and homes. Not true!!! The mass of great cocktails we know and love were created prior to Prohibitions beginning. The Golden Age of the cocktail dates back to the mid-1800’s. This is when American bartenders, like Jerry Thomas, created an industry and defined all the terms, tools, methods, etc. that are common today.

The worst part of Prohibition was that almost all of the great bartenders either changed professions or jumped the pond to practice their craft in Europe. Distilleries, breweries, and most wineries were boarded up or torn down. The available liquor was barely drinkable, and with no regulation or regard for public health, often toxic. Which brings up another falsehood of the time, that Prohibition-era bartenders created cocktails to mask the horrible taste of the booze. Fact is, cheap mixers were born from a need to hide bad liquor. Raw consumption and fast money drove the bar business, not freshly squeezed juices and fancy garnishes. The craft of the cocktail was lost.

Modern Cocktail Culture was born during Prohibition. Before it started, on January 16th, 1920, women were not allowed in bars/saloons. During the thirteen years of Prohibition, organized crime took over production and distribution of our beloved alcohol. With no legal obligations in site, and little social concerns, their underground bars let in the ladies to drink right next to the men. How dare they (cough, cough). Add highly energized jazz music to the act of being a lawbreaker, and the Roaring Twenties were on their way to infamy! There was no looking back!!!

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